Using an extinguisher 1

It is of utmost importance that you use an extinguisher only for the class of fire it is approved for!
Using the wrong fire extinguisher could cause a greater problem, such as spreading the fire further afield. Or, using the wrong type of extinguisher may cause harm to the fire fighter.
Portable fire extinguishers are not designed to fight large or spreading fires.
But they can be useful when the following conditions are met:
1. The operator must know how to use the extinguisher.
2. The extinguisher must be classified for the fire the operator wants to fight.
3. The extinguisher should be within easy reach.
4. The extinguisher should be fully charged.
5. The extinguisher should be working properly.
6. The extinguisher should be large enough to extinguish the fire.
7. The operator must have a clear escape route before he starts tackling the fire.