Unit description and operation gps components and controls 2

On the GPS receiver we can also see:
The Track button, used to enter the track mode.
The Edit button, used to enter the EDIT mode.
The Nav (navigation) button, used to access the position mode.
The Set button, which allows control over the power-saving function.
The clock display and the distance display.
The Pos (position) button, used to enter the position mode.
The Clear button, which allows deletion of any unnecessary data, and allows initialization of the receiver.
The Enter button, which is used to enter data or execute a command.
The Recall button, which returns the user to the previous display.
The Mark button, which stores the present position and the extension display select button.
By pressing this button in NAV and TRACK mode, the graphic or character display can be selected, and in POS mode the date and time will be displayed.