Types sizes and shapes 2

Life rafts come in various types.
The simplest type is the rescue platform, also called PODS.
PODS offer only a basic protection and should be restricted in use near shore or inshore. The canopy must be inflated manually, and no survival gear is included.
Coastal rafts are designed to be used only close to shore where heavy seas are not expected. The canopy is inflated manually, and a small ballast system is provided to prevent the raft from capsizing in calm waters.
The floor can be insulated and is single inflatable. The survival kit consists mainly of a bailer and signal flares.
Offshore rafts come with a canopy that inflates automatically.
The floor can be inflatable or double. More freeboard and better stability is provided in handling rough seas. The survival kit includes food and water rations in addition to other survival and safety items.
Ocean going rafts and their equipment are made for surviving as long as 30 days. These rafts are recommended for vessels making long distance ocean passages.