Types of anchors

Make sure that you carry at least two anchors, one as an everyday anchor that is stowed at the bow in the anchor locker, and one as a storm anchor.
The characteristics of the boat and the type of sea bed – sand, shale, mud, gravel – affect the type of anchor you should use.
Commonly available anchors are:
The Plough type anchor, which provides very high holding power by digging itself into sea bed sediments.
The plough type is also effective on weedy sea beds.
The Fluke type anchor, which provides very good holding power by burying itself into sea beds of sand or mud, but not so good in rocks or kelp.
It is lightweight and can be stowed flat, but can be difficult to remove from mud.
The Fisherman – type anchor, which has diamond-shaped flukes that makes the anchor function efficiently as a “rock pick”.
It must be large and heavy to be most effective and can penetrate and hold in weeds, gravel, or rocks. It folds flat for stowage.