The function control

The function control has five positions, which are:
Radar off position. At this position the radar is not in operation and there is no power supplied to the display or to the scanner.
Standby position. In this position the radar can be brought into use whenever it is required. The scanner is rotating, but no radio waves are being transmitted.
Radar on position. In this position it takes 2-4 minutes for the radar to be in full operation. Radio waves are being transmitted and the received echoes from targets are amplified and displayed on the screen.
Range Rings/Bearing Cursor. In this position the range rings on the screen are illuminated together with a bearing cursor and the bearing scale window.
Heading alignment position. In this position the picture of the screen synchronises with the aerial and brings the heading marker into position. Click on the green arrowson top of the functioncontrol knob!