Steering compass 1

Your boat should be equipped with a good quality steering compass. There are two types of steering compasses: the conventional compass and the fluxgate compass.
The conventional compass has two or more magnets attached to the underside of the compass card. The card is mounted above the magnetic needle mechanism on a pivot. To slow down the rotation of the card, it is dampened with a liquid. The housing is either of glass or plastic. As the boat turns, the compass aligns with magnetic north and south. The course to steer is read against the lubber line which is a line on the compass itself which should be set to coincide with the fore and aft line of the boat.
The fluxgate compass is equipped with cards, pivots, liquids and a digital readout. It uses an electronic circuit to sense the lines of magnetic force. Fluxgate compasses should be kept level, otherwise major readout errors may occur.