Rescue techniques 3

The Hi-Line technique is used when it is too dangerous to lower the helicopter winchman directly on board.
In this case, the helicopter crew lowers a weighted line down to a crew member.
The sails should be lowered and any loose gear should be made fast.
Warning: During lowering, the line will build up static electricity and should be earthed first before it can be touched.
Then coil the line on deck.
Never secure the line to the boat, because the helicopter will lose its own momentum. As soon as the line is on deck, the winchman will be lowered to a safe height and the crew members should pull the Hi – Line in to guide the winchman on board.
Never touch the winchman before he is physically on deck due to build up of static electricity.
Then the winchman will assist the crew members to be airlifted, either by strop or basket.