Navigation 1 – This lesson contains the following topics: Navigation basics, Definitions on Earth, Latitude and Longitude, Navigational terms, Nautical Charts, Projection, Mercator projection, Reading the nautical charts, Types and scales, Chart symbols, Chart corrections, Plotting tools, Use of the parallel ruler, Use of the divider, Measuring distance

Navigation 2 – This lesson contains the following topics: Application of variation, Application of deviation, Steering compass, Handheld compass, How to shape a course, Allowance for leeway, Allowance for tidal streams, Position fixing, Dead reckoning, Esitimated position, Line of position, Running fix, Doubling the angle, 45-90, Comb cross compass bearings, Compass bearing and contour line, Distances and  compass bearings, Bearing and vertical sextant angle, Fix at night using light rising and dippling