Mayday call

Start a MAYDAY CALL procedure as follows:
Check that the main battery switch is on; and switch the radio to a high power setting. select channel 16 on VHF or 2182 kHz on an MF transmitter.
When you use the MF transmitter the distress message should be preceded by the two-tone alarm. Press the transmit button and say slowly and clearly:
MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY this is… (repeat the name of vessel 3 times).
MAYDAY this is… (name of vessel spoken once).
My position is… (state your latitude and longitude, or true bearing and distance from a known point).
Now give information about the nature of distress, assistance required, number of persons on board and other vital information.
End your MAYDAY call with the word “over”.
For example: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday this is Seahorse “A,”, Seahorse “A”, Seahorse “A”.
Mayday this is Seahorse “A”.
My position is: 051 degrees, 25 minutes North and 004 degrees 55 minutes West.
I am on fire and require immediate assistance. 6 adults and 2 children on board, 8 in total. 1 adult is injured and in critical condition.