Man over board

Here are the actions taken imediatelly when a person falls overboard:
Shout “Man overboard” to inform the rest of the crew members. Say whether the person fell over on the starboard or the port side.
Throw a lifebuoy. This provides a floating aid for the person overboard and marks his position.
Additionally in a rough weather throw a danbuoy.
If needed to better mark the victims position, throw a dye marker.
Skipper should keep the victim in sight or order another crew member to do so.
Push the man overboard button on your gps. The GPS stores the overboard position and provides bearing and course to the person in water.
Note the time, position, windspeed and direction, and current speedand direction at the time and place the person fell overboard.
This latteraction is important for two reaons: it provides official documentation to the authorities, and if the person is lost from sight it provides vital information to the sars units.