Man over board prevention

In a man overboard situation, the skipper is responsible for taking immediate action to safely recover the person from the water.
As regards any kind of emergency, preventing accidents should be the ultimate goal of the entire crew. As the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
schedule a man overboard training on a regular basis.
Here are some vital tips:
1. Guard rails should be fitted around the deck. The ends should be secured with lashings or quick release slips, so recovering a person overboard is quicker and easier.
2. Paint the boar deck with non-skid paint or apply anti-slip strips.
3. Wear a life jacket with reflective tape and a whistle and a light.
4. Wear suitable protective clothing
In following situations, crew members on a deck should wear safety harnesses: when sailing in rough weather, when sailing at night, when sailing in restricted visibility, when working alone on deck.
The following safety equipment should be ready for immediate use: a lifebuoy fitted with an automatic light an reflective tape, a buoyant heaving line, a denbuoy, a dye marker.