Immersion suit inspection

To keep your immersion suit in good working condition, you should perform routine inspection every 6 months.
This inspection should include the following:
1. Take the suit out, unroll it and ventilate it for 24 hours;
2. Check the inflation hose and inflate the air bladder;
3. Check if the air bladder remains fully inflated for 24 hours;
4. Inspect the suit for holes, tears and signs of wear;
5. Make sure the reflective tape is still in place and not worn out;
6. The zipper should operate smoothly, and lubricated with a non-petrolium based product, such as, bees wax or other substance;
7. Check your whisle and your personal light, if you have a battery operated light, test it by simply switching it on, also check the batteries expiration date, if you have a water operated light test it in water to make sure it works.