Fix position line or fix at night, using light rising or dipping using tables formula plotting

Using the almanac’s table, enter with the height of eye and find the distance A. For example, for 5 feet the distance A is 2.57 nm. Then enter with the height of a light and find the distance B. For example, for 140 feet the distance B is 13.61 nm. The sum of distances A and B is 16.18 nm.
– Use the formula distance from the light = 2.08 x ( light elevation + eye height) where the heights are calculated in meters.
Using 42.67 meters for the value of the light elevation and 1.52 meters for the value of the eye height, we add the two and then multiply by 2.08. We find the distance from the light is: 16.15 nm.
– The next step is to plot the bearing 045° degrees of the light on the chart after converting it to true bearing. Using the divider, span a distance of 16.15 nm on the latitude scale. Apply this span by placing one leg of the divider at the light on the nautical chart and drawing an arc cutting through the plotted bearing at the point F. this is a fix position at 2200 hours.
Follow the same procedure using a light dipping on the horizon, that is, the moment the light vanishes from the horizon.