Fix position line or fix at night, using light rising or dipping steps to be taken

Here we will see how you can obtain a position line or a fix at night, using a light rising or dipping on the horizon.
Let’s assume you approach a charted light at night.
– When you first see the light
take a bearing on it with the handheld compass – for example 0.45° degrees.
– Next, note the time. 2200 hrs.
– Third, note the height of eye of the observer above sea level. 5 feet (or 1.52 meters) and
– finally, note the height of the light house allowing for the height of tide. 140 feet or 42.67 meters. The height of a light above chart datum can be found in the chart or in the “list of lights” or other publications.
To calculate the distance off the light use either:
– the almanac’s “distance of sea horizon in nautical miles” table, or
– the formula 2.08 x (? light elevation + ? eye height).