Fix position distances and compass bearings distances and compass bearings 2

This is how you plot a fix position combining distances and compass bearings:
Using the radar’s range marker you obtain a distance of 5.2 nautical miles from point A and 2.8 nautical miles from point B.
Immediately afterward, using the hand held compass, take a bearing of lighthouse B. Let’s assume that after applying the correction for the variation that the bearing of lighthouse B is 100° true.
Using the dividers you plot the two distances 5.2 and 2.8 nautical miles taken from point A and point B respectively, to the nautical chart.
Then place the parallel ruler on the compass rose on the 100° degree line, and transfer that line passing from lighthouse B and crossing the course line.
As you can see, the two distances and the compass bearing intersect.
The point of intersection will be the fix position at 09:30 hours.