Fix position compass bearing and visual range compass bearing and visual range

A Fix can also be obtained by combining a compass bearing and a visual range.
Assume your course is 360° degrees, or North, and your speed is 7 knots.
While looking at the nautical chart you spot the lighthouse A and the range marks B and C.
While waiting for the two range marks B and C to come visually in line, go to the nautical chart and connect them with a line, draw the first LOP, crossing the course line.
Observe the two range marks, and as soon as they are in line, write down the time, let’s say 0930 hours, and immediately take a bearing on lighthouse A using the hand held compass.
let’s assume that after applying the variation correction the lighthouse bearing is 045° degrees true bearing.
Place the parallel ruler on the compass rose at the 045° degree line and transfer that line passing from lighthouse A and crossing the course line.
As you can now see, the lighthouse bearing crosses the pre-drawn LOP of the range marks.
This point of crossing represents your fix position at 0930 hours.