Fix position comb cross compass bearings 1

Combining Cross Compass Bearings
A Fix can be obtained by combining Cross Compass Bearings using a hand-held compass. Assume your course is 360 degrees (North) and your speed is 7 knots. You are sailing near the coast and you have lighthouse A, lighthouse B and the island C in sight. The time is now 1015 and your last estimated position was at 0930. Checking your nautical chart, you locate and identify the two lighthouses and the island. Next, take compass bearings of the three identified objects, A, B, and C, with your hand held compass. Now, convert the Compass Bearings to True Bearings by applying the correction for Variation, using the formula “From Magnetic to True, subtract the Westerly Variation and add the Easterly Variation”. Let’s assume that after applying the correction, the true bearing of the lighthouse A is 045°, the true bearing of the lighthouse B is 090°, and the true bearing of the island C is 135°.