Fix position bearing and vertical sextant angle bearing and vertical sextant angle 2

As soon as you have measured the distance to the lighthouse, in our case 1.3 nautical miles, note the time.
Let’s assume it is 1000 hours.
Immediately, take a bearing using the hand held compass.
Lets assume that after applying the correction for the variation, the bearing is 045° degrees true.
Now, to plot the fix position on the nautical chart, first use the dividers, and span a distance of 1.3 nautical miles on the latitude scale that is closest to the course line, and runs along the sides of the chart.
Apply this span, placing one leg of the dividers at point A, and draw a semi-circle near the course line.
Secondly, place the parallel ruler on the compass rose on the 045° degree line and transfer that line passing from lighthouse A, crossing the course line.
The point where the semicircle and the compass bearing intersect is the fix position at 1000 hours.