Choosing a flotation device 1

How do you choose the correct buoyancy device for you and your crew?
First consider your cruising area.
When you are cruising offshore, such as in open waters where rescue may be delayed, you should have 275 Newton (BSEN 399) life jackets on board.
For inland waters, where quick rescue is available a 150 Newton (BSEN 396) life jacket is sufficient.
For calm inland waters, fair weather and daylight, where quick rescue is available you can select a 100 Newton (BSEN 395) life jacket.
Buoyancy aids and life jackets can either be equipped with inherent foam buoyancy, inflatable buoyancy or a combination of both.
A jacket with inflatable buoyancy can be filled by mouth or with gas bottles.
The gas bottles can be activated automatically, on entering the water or manually when required.