Anchors 180 degrees from each other

Anchoring while you set the anchors 180 degrees from each other
Let’s assume you select the anchoring position, and after calculations, the length of cable that you should pay out is 30 meters (98 feet) for each anchor.
Make your approach slowly into the wind to the spot you have selected, stop the boat and drop the forward anchor. Then slowly back the boat away downwind, while you payout twice the length of the cable needed; in this case 60 meters (197 feet).
As soon as the cable is paid out, stop the boat and let go the aft anchor.
Start motoring the boat again upwind while you payout the cable from the aft anchor.
You have to pay out 30 meters or 98 feet.
Meanwhile pull in the cable from the forward anchor till the remaining cable is also 30 meters.
Using this method the boat will be positioned midway between the two anchors.
As you move the boat, care must be taken to keep the cables clear of the rudder, the propeller and the keel.