Anchoring with one anchor 1

Anchoring with one anchor:
On the Nautical chart, select and mark the position at which you intend to anchor.
Make your approach slowly into the wind or current, whichever is stronger, to the spot you have selected.
Stop the boat and drop the anchor, allowing it to reach the sea bed.
Then slowly back the boat away, downwind or down current to stop the chain and/or rope from piling up.
Using the rudder by means of the wheel, and the engine by means of the throttle, steer the boat and lay out the cable along the sea bed .
To make sure that you don’t drag your anchor after anchoring, it is essential to check your position periodically. To do this take compass bearings, using transits if possible and if you have radar check ranges from the shore.
If the reference points and ranges you take stay the same, then you are not dragging your anchor.
Establish anchor watch during your stay at the anchorage to make sure you’re not drifting.