[one_third][iconbox icon=”preferences” title=”Sailing Quiz”] Free learning tool for captains. It’s usefull for test preperation or to refresh your knowledge before heading out to sea. The test has questions, pictures, animation, learing, and a help section..[gap] avaliable_on_the_appstore Visit AppStore →[/iconbox][/one_third][one_third][iconbox icon=”mac” title=”Free Full HD Sailing Lessons”]Safety at sea, Navigation, Tides and currents, Aids to navigation, IALA Maritime buoyage system, Navigation in restricted visibility, Meteorology, Anchoring, GMDSS, and more…


[gap]Take a look →[/iconbox][/one_third][one_third_last][iconbox icon=”search” title=”Sailing School APP”]World’s first mobile Sailing School includes Full HD Video lessons, Tests and Exams. This is learning tool for beginners, seaman, sailing and motor boat captains.[gap] avaliable_on_the_appstore Visit AppStore →

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