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Sailing provides pleasure, relaxing, arranged thoughts – chose with fresh sea air, giving you an infinite sense of freedom. The yachts are so diverse and anyone can dream of having close and far seas, winds that sail, and sometimes even behind the clutches and around them … The power of nature and the power of relief is the best way to meet ourselves. Therefore, dreamer, act – try for a yacht captain or take part in another activity. It does not require prerequisites, your yacht, the aristocrat genes or the money line: everything starts with a dream, then turns into an opportunity and allows you to continually learn new skills. Because each day is special for yachts.
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You can do it!

We will help you learn how to drive a yacht, a motor yacht or a motorboat and become a master at the masters courses.
If you want to understand whether this activity will take you to heart – choose the Start Yachting course. But if you only want to enjoy it, you can easily get into the role of a passenger by choosing a yacht hire. If you decide to buy your yacht – we will help you choose from a wide range of offers. Yacht prices start from a few pounds and end with millions!

Top courses

Powerboat captain
The course is designed to prepare for the exam necessary for driving the motorized recreational craft, the length of which does not exceed 12 meters, in the inland waters of Latvia.
Coastal Skipper course
Learn theory and sail later
Crewed Yacht Charter

For holidays or teamwork. Choose one of our yachts for your event.

Courses take place on a sailing yacht Beneteau 50

Our school yacht is one of the most beautiful in Latvia, equipped with all the necessary for safe trips.

In addition to sailing clubs and training activities, we also offer hiking tours.
The yacht has 10 berths, 5 showers, 5 toilets and is certified to allow simultaneously boarding 14 people (12 passengers + 2 team members). The real number would be much higher, but because of security and legislation, this number will not be exceeded.

We are located in the Riga center

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Forša burāšanas skola, individuāla pieeja katram studentam.


Nezinu kā ir citās skolās, bet šajā mēs mācījāmies nevis klasē pie galda, bet burājot uz jahtas. Sajūta bija kā brīvdienu izbraucienā.

Esam apmācījuši jau vairāk kā 150 kapteiņus.

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